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Welcome to our website! City Blooming is all about city and urban gardening. Here, we serve you the best and most informative gardening ideas, creative DIYs and limited-space gardening tips and tricks.

We are two individuals with a deep passion for design and gardening, and we are thrilled to share our knowledge and experiences with you. With years of combined expertise in both fields, we have created a platform dedicated to city and urban gardening.

Living in the heart of the bustling San Francisco metropolis, we understand urban dwellers’ challenges when nurturing green spaces. The lack of sufficient land, limited sunlight, and busy lifestyles can often discourage aspiring gardeners from pursuing their dreams.

However, through our own personal journeys, we have discovered that where there is determination and creativity, there is always a way.

Our mission is to inspire and guide you on your urban gardening adventures. Let’s create an amazing city oasis together.

Meet the City Blooming Team:

Cassandra Litte

Cassandra Litte

Founder, designer, passionate gardener & Author

Hello there! I’m Cassandra, hailing from sunny San Francisco, where concrete meets greenery in the best ways. My love for design and plants came together in my late 20s, leading me to a career in urban garden design. I’m trying to turn even the most cramped city spaces into green paradises. So, if you’ve got a wall, a window, or just a desire to breathe life into your space, join me, and let’s redefine city living, one plant at a time!

Mark Bratche 1

mark bratche

founder, landscaper, experienced Gardner & Author

Hi! I’m Mark Bratche, a Seattleite who’s loved urban gardening since my twenties. With over 12 years of experience in landscape architecture, I’ve transformed several small city spaces into lush gardens. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are at the heart of everything I do. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, I’m here to share tips and inspire you to explore the joys of urban gardening. Let’s grow something beautiful together!

City Blooming’s Location

City Blooming's Location

330 Townsend St, Suite 200,

San Francisco,

CA 94107, United States

Tel: +1-415-555-0156

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